As you likely already know, Florida is a very popular state for those around the country to retire. There are some reasons that this is the case. If you have been trying to decide where you would like to spend your golden years you need to know why so many others have already made a choice to move to Florida.

One of the biggest reasons is that home prices are very moderate. Unlike other areas of the country you can get a well-maintained home of a moderate size for a very low price. If you choose a retirement village the home will likely be constructed in a manner that will accommodate your needs that may change as you age. This also greatly reduced any costs you could face by having to made improvements over the years.

In addition to the affordable home prices the property taxes are extremely low. This can impact the overall costs of having a home a great deal. In some states it can come close to the mortgage of a home, so not having to put out a great deal in property taxes saves a lot of your retirement fund for the things that you enjoy.

While the state does have a six percent sales tax, it does not have an income tax. This means that everything that your retirement fund produces is free from being taxed at the state level. It also applies if you decide to work full or part time. This benefit is a major reason that retirees flock to the state in droves.

The weather, of course, is a huge reason that those reaching retirement age decide to move to Florida. Even during the deep winter months the weather is very mild. This is especially true the further south that you decide to locate. In fact, in some regions, you could say that there is no hint of winter other than a few days a year. This makes it easier for those that face arthritis, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions to enjoy their daily life free of pain and concern.

Florida is a beautiful state and has a lot to offer those looking to enjoy their golden years to the fullest. If you are approaching this time in your life it is a place to consider. The more you learn the more likely it is that you will decide to make this your home.