Everyone is fully aware that Florida is an amazing place to live if you wish to enjoy warm weather, but the area is so much more than that. The benefits of moving you and or your family to this state can reap a large range of benefits. If you have been thinking about making a big move or wonder why people you know have made this decision you have come to the right place.

One of the best things about Florida is that they do not have income tax. Most of us think this is absurd. The vast majority of states in the United States of American have income tax. Being able to live a life free from income tax can greatly increase your net income. This is very important for those that are trying to raise a family and those looking to retire in the next few years. The less that you are forced to pay out before you get the money that you earned or grew means a lot.

Housing in Florida is extremely affordable as well. Even though this state is a mecca for so many, the housing expense has been relatively low when comparing to other parts of the country. Of course it would matter where you are moving from, but many find that a nice family home of the same size will cost them a fraction of what they are paying where they are from. Housing is at the top of expenses for most, so to save hundreds to secure shelter can greatly affect your bottom line.

The weather in Florida is simply amazing. Even during the winter months the weather is very mild. At its very worst you can expect temperatures to reach freezing at worst. When you compare that to other states in the country that is really pleasant. Long gone are the days of negative temperatures, being frozen out of your vehicle and many feet of snow. Even if you do not care for tropical weather you will find relief from frigid temperatures if you move to this southern state.

Florida is a major destination for many good reasons for those looking for a new start. There are many jobs no matter your specialty and the costs of living are decreased. Most importantly, the weather allows you to enjoy life to the fullest. This is a place you want to be.