Florida is the southeastern state in the United it is not a dull place. It is one of the largest states and is home to a wide variety of ethnicities and cultures. It is commonly known for its amusement parks and also has some of the largest selections of aquariums, zoos, and theme parks and other family attractions. Florida has many art galleries, museums, restaurants, and other historical sites that will leave you impressed and want more. You will be able to explore both natural and man-made wonders. There are many attractions in Florida, some of them are.
Everglades National Park

This was created back in 1947 after environmentalist were able to petition and convince the government that the area was something special. It is now the second largest national park in the country. It consists of 1.5 million acres of subtropical marshes and swamp. There are different types of wildlife, and you can be able to observe them up close. Some of the wildlife you can expect to see includes turtles, otters, crocodile, Panthers, etc.
Walt Disney World

This is one of the most popular tourist destination in the country. This amusement park will give you a piece of Disney magic that is adored all over the world. There is something for both children and adults and can be the perfect way to spend some quality time as a family. Thrill rides like the Space Mountain will keep it interesting for adults as kids interact with their favorite Disney characters.
Universal Studios

This is a working film and TV studio in Orlando and is also the most popular amusement park in the US. It is commonly referred to as Universal Orlando, and it offers a wide range of rides and experiences that are influenced by the films released by the studio. The park is host to many different restaurants, shopping stores, and live entertainment events.
Kennedy Space Centre

This has been the most important space shuttle launches in the history of the country. They provide a bus that will take the guests around the big complex to see the different type of exhibitions on display. There sometimes offer tickets to view certain rockets launching.
Miami Beach
This is a must visit for anyone in Florida. The golden sand on the beach has made it famous. There are many different restaurants and hotels located along the beach, and they have proved to be very popular with the visitors.